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A smart

A house that does the thinking for you and makes your daily routine easier: that’s no longer pie in the sky, but part of daily life – and a matter of course in a Smart Home.  If you wish, your Griffner house can be equipped with different devices such as sensors, motor control or cameras for greater convenience or help in your household. Whether Smart Home solutions for lights, doors and windows or heating – the application can be narrowed down to the three areas of comfort, saving energy and safety.

Turn your home into an intelligent one where all appliances are linked up! This large network is controlled centrally via software and can even be activated remotely using an Internet connection.

In summer for example you can lower the blinds automatically via an app on your smartphone to keep the house cool. Fancy a nice evening in on the sofa? No problem! With just one click you can dim the lights, crank up the heating and switch on the TV.

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Tips for a Smart Home:

  • After switching on your coffee maker without having to get out of bed in the morning, the only limit at the beginning is your power of imagination. You should therefore first consider what appliances you want to control remotely.
  • If you don’t want further building work on your house, opt for wireless Smart Home systems. But a full-featured Smart Home is also possible here.
  • So make sure you get the advice of a professional to rule out any uncertainties. Opt for a reliable partner who’s not going to disappear from the market.
  • And don’t forget about criteria like ease of use and design or you otherwise won’t be satisfied with the result. You’ll then be annoyed at yourself for years to come.
  • Decide how you want to regulate your Smart Home – using a switch on the wall or via a tablet or smartphone.
  • Make sure you choose a Smart Home system that lets you control everything in the house, lighting, music, alarm and heating systems, camera, kitchen appliances, etc.
  • For Smart Home novices it’s best to start small. First, only turn a small part of your house into an e-home and then extend this over time.
The goal of such technology is not just to improve your home environment and quality of life, but also increase safety in your house and make your energy consumption more efficient.
Michael Heitz,
Managing Director DHM
Building services partner from GRIFFNER
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